Why do we want to teach you how to stop blushing?how-to-stop-blushing.jpg

When we talk about blushing on this website we aren’t just talking about every day blushing where somebody feels embarrassed and their face starts turning red.
We are talking about Erythrophobia.
Erythrophobia is a condition where the sufferer continually blushes for no apparent good reason.

For example:

  1. Hanna is a 14 year old girl who does not suffer from Erythrophobia. She has a crush on a boy at school. When he talks to Hanna she turns a pale pink and is a little embarrassed.
    Hanna’s lightly blushed face eventually fades as she forgets about it or she might not have even realized that her face was turning red in the first place, so she can continue to talk to her crush without going bright red.
  2. Jimmy is 16 and he also has a crush on a girl from school. Jimmy does suffer from Erythrophobia. When the girl he is attracted to talks to him he goes a little bit red, then he goes more red. Sometimes he sweats and even his arms and chest will turn bright red too. Jimmy is so embarrassed now, his self confidence has just taken another beating and he can barely string 3 words together because all he can think about is going red. In other situations where a person usually wouldn’t even think about blushing a person who has this condition will have a blushing attack.

In embarrassing situations where a person would normally blush a little bit, a person who has Erythrophobia will excessively blush for sometimes long periods of time.

For example:

  1. Hanna is waiting in line at the supermarket, she eventually works her way to the front and puts her things on the counter. She has a small conversation with the cashier, Picks up her shopping and leaves the supermarket (normal scenario)
  2. Jimmy is in the same line at the supermarket but 3 spaces behind Hanna. As he slowly works his way to the front of the line, his thoughts start taking over about possibly blushing when he gets to the cashier. Jimmy tries lots of different methods in his head to help him self stop blushing but the more he thinks about it the worse he is making it. He tries to convince himself that he doesn’t care if it happens, He even tries to not think about it by thinking about other things. But it doesn’t matter. Jimmy is now at the counter and he has started to glow. He can feel his face and parts of his body going bright red. Jimmy talks to the cashier as normal, but in his head he is fully alert. Beating himself up inside. He can feel everyone in the line looking at him as he glows. Jimmy leaves the supermarket once again feeling horrible about another blushing situation which no matter how hard Jimmy tried he could not prevent.It’s not just the supermarket this happens to Jimmy. Whenever any attention is focused on jimmy or he thinks it could be focused on him soon he will turn red.When someone compliments or criticizes him in front of other he’s face will turn red. Whenever he must perform in some way in front of others or has to speak to the opposite sex in front of others he instantly blush.

Why can’t Jimmy just stop his blushing?

Just so we are clear excessive blushing effects men and women of all ages, not just 16 year old boys named Jimmy.

In most cases, it is not 100% the blushers fault that they are blushing. Genetics usually plays a role. If one of the parents suffers with blushing or some form of anxiety this can carry on to the children.

Some people with Erythrophobia have physical attribute against them too.
Overly-dilating blood vessels.

This is where the little blood vessels that are close to your skin open to far making it much easier for the person to turn red. In a lot of cases these vessels are believed to be the reason Erythrophobia can start to develop.

Once a sufferer (usually high school aged) starts having blushing episodes for minor embarrassing situations they can become self-conscious of the blushing. After repeated blushing attacks occur the sufferer will most likely develop a fear of blushing or going red (Erythrophobia).

Can the Erythrophobia be Prevented before it gets to bad?

It is very hard to prevent Erythrophobia in the beginning as most people don’t even know it exists until they have it and it is to late.
If a teenager develops Erythrophobia they are usually too embarrassed to actually talk about it in the starting stages.

When they try and stop it themselves, it generally makes it worse. Just like when Jimmy was in line at the supermarket trying different methods in his head.

There is a lot of rubbish miracle drugs available online for Erythrophobia, some of them can help limit the anxiety/panic attack side of blushing which will be enough to help some people.

If you want to know how to stop blushing I very much suggest that you read my MY TRUE STORY AND CURE HERE. People react differently to treatments so after you read my story ask your doctor before your try any of my medical suggestions

What about when its already uncontrollable, how can I stop it?

Once again feel free to read this list of cure options but please consult a doctor too

1. Blushing Hypnosis

Give hypnosis a chance. It is not like the videos you see where someone is hypnotized and then controlled by the hypnotist.

Hypnosis has had a quite a high success rate when it comes to curing blushing. Basically it teaches you to think differently. Remember Jimmy’s thoughts from the supermarket story above?
All those thoughts that Jimmy was having are called negative affirmations. He doesn’t only get them right before he blushes. He has them all day every day. Very negative thoughts about him blushing and trying to stop himself from blushing. The more Jimmy thinks about it and tries to prevent it from happening the more he makes it worse for himself.

How the blushing hypnosis works is it teaches Jimmy to stop thinking these negative blushing thoughts. It is incredibly smart how it works and incredible difficult to explain.

But the main thing people who have erythrophobia want to do is learn how to stop thinking about blushing and hypnosis does that.

Blushing Hypnosis is the cheapest and safest thing you can try and should be tried before drugs or surgery.

2. Drugs

There are many types of drugs that can be taken to limit blushing. Beta blockers, anti-depressants and other herbal type remedies are available.

Beta Blockers help stop stress hormones, noradrenaline and adrenalin which are the bodies chemicals responsible for physical signs of anxiety. This means that Beta blockers can stop blushing as that is a physical symptom of anxiety.

Make sure you read my cure story because I talk more about beta blockers and other drugs that I had tried in the past, also their possible permanent side effects.

Anti-depressants like benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) work by slowing down your nervous system. They slow down some physical and mental parts of a person. So this will obviously help to stop blushing as it is both physical and mental.

The problem is they can have a lot of side effects and can not be taken forever, so when the patient eventually must stop taking them their original condition comes back a lot worse.

You may have seen things like Eradicane which supposably prevent the causes of blushing by using things like passion flower extract and GABA. There are not many good reviews about it working but it should be tried before our next blushing cure.

3.Blushing Surgery

The surgery for blushing is getting better and better every year as our medical technology and knowledge advances.
In saying that it should still be the last resort to eliminate the causes of blushing. Currently the success rate is about 80% which is low for surgical procedures.
ETS surgery as it is known also has some pretty bad possible side effects
The surgery is done by cutting the nerve that controls sweating and blushing above the nipple line.

The cost of surgery varies a lot depending on where in the world It is done.

Some places it is covered by the government and other places it can cost thousands of dollars.

Resources –

  1. Me, I have learnt most of the above information from my own experiences talking to doctors neurologists and surgeons. Read my cure story for my full list of things I have tried and what actually stopped me from blushing foreverREAD MY TRUE STORY AND CURE HERE
  2. I also got some of the blushing information from http://blushingtreatment.com/ This site has lots of great free information.

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